Source Water Protection

For the purpose of satisfying requirements set forth in Senate Bill 373, several of our Eastern Panhandle public water systems received state grant funding to complete updates to their Source Water Protection Plans (SWPPs). The Bill required community water systems, statewide, to document planning and preparedness efforts for the possibility of contaminant releases that could impair public drinking water sources.

This funding to support these efforts was made available through the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Services, Bureau for Public Health, by way of the Eastern Panhandle Regional Planning and Development Council, Region 9 (RPDC), for the benefit of the following Public Water Supply Utility sources and plants:

❑ City of Martinsburg;
❑ Berkeley County Public Service Water District (BCPSWD); Bunker Hill and Potomac River, and;
❑ Jefferson Utilities, Inc. (JUI); Burr Industrial Park and Walnut Grove.

Advanced Land and Water, Inc., an environmental consulting firm with extensive source protection experience throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, was hired through a competitive selection process to prepare a SWPP for each of the above-listed water systems. SWPPs are being prepared and will be available for public comment in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, comprehensive summaries are posted for public comment on Region 9’s website, by way of the below link: - When commenting please provide your name and contact information.

The public also is invited to comment on the draft SWPPs for the City of Martinsburg and BCPSWD during a meeting scheduled for December 16 at 1:00 PM in the City of Martinsburg Council Room located at 232 N. Queen Street, Martinsburg. This meeting is designed to encourage public comment and participation in the planning process for these select water systems.

You may provide your comments by:
- Martinsburg and BCPSWD: Attending the comment meeting; verbal and written comments will be accepted.
- All Subject Systems, Including JUI: Submitting written comments by mail to Region 9 or e-mail to:

Region 9 is committed to public participation and awareness in this important project for their local government members and for all citizens. Understanding that planning is a dynamic process, Region 9 wants offer every citizen the opportunity to learn more about this important effort. SWPP information for systems throughout the region is being placed on the Region 9 website for citizen review and comment and will remain available into 2016. Website: Comments:

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