Leak Adjustment



1. A copy of the District's Leak Adjustment Policy may be downloaded from this website.

2. Water District staff can mail a Leak Adjustment Request form to your billing address, you can obtain one at the main office, or you may download the form from this website.

3. Once your leak has been repaired, submit the form to the main office. Your signature is required - please do not attempt to submit the form via e-mail.

Mail your request to: 251 Caperton Blvd., Martinsburg, WV 25403

Fax your request to: 304-264-4590

Drop off your request: 251 Caperton Blvd., Martinsburg M-F 8AM-4:30PM

4. Contact staff at the main office to schedule verification that the problem is corrected. Staff does not inspect the work that has been done, but will look for evidence of repairs or may require documentation for repairs not in a visible area (contractor's bill, receipt for materials).

5. Customer Service staff will recalculate your charges for up to two billing periods. In many cases the sewer charges will also be recalculated for combined Water/Sewer accounts. Customer service will mail you a bill reprint that shows the revisions to your charge(s). Please note that the policy requires you to make your payments on time. Submitting a leak adjustment request does not waive late fees or protect you from termination if you fail to pay your water bills in full before the termination date. Contact Customer Service staff for more information.

6. You will be notified if you do not qualify for an adjustment to your Water charge. Your Request for Leak Adjustment form will be forwarded to the Sewer District for their use, as you may still qualify for a Sewer charge adjustment.




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